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"The Ultimate Acne Program"
A step-by-step system to help you achieve clear skin
and reclaim your confidence.



Your first appointment will be an in-depth consultation and skin assessment. We will have a thorough discussion about how the Ultimate Acne Program works and what will be required of you to reach your goals. This step is required for all new clients interested in the program and will include:

  • Review of your acne history and any products that you're currently using (bring them with you!).

  • Lifestyle evaluation and discussion about specific habits and food choices that aggravate acne.

  • Discuss birth control pills (not all of them help to clear acne), medications, prescriptions, and stress. 

  • Our Journey to Clear Skin booklet, a valuable source of acne-clearing information.

  • A skin assessment to determine your acne type.

  • Your skin will be cleansed, lightly exfoliated, and tested for product sensitivities.

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Treatments will be performed every 2 weeks until your acne is under control. Treatments will vary based on your skin's need at the time of your appointment. Sometimes your skin will need more hydration, other times it will need more anti-bacterial and/or anti-inflammatory focus. We will assess your skin at the beginning of each session, and each session will include a combination of one or more of the following:

  • Enzyme Exfoliation

  • Light Acne Peel

  • Extractions

  • Clarifying or Hydrating Mask

  • Specialty Serums

  • LED Light Therapy

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After your initial consultation, we will customize your home care starter kit. You will begin using these products immediately after your first treatment.  It is required that you ONLY use our products while on the program. It is imperative that you are 100% compliant in following our instruction and using your products as recommended to achieve the best results. 

As your skin adapts to the products, we will adjust your home care regimen. Most of the products will last roughly 8-12 weeks depending on the product and the regimen that you are placed on. 

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YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR SUCCESS! This is not an overnight process. But, it's a process that works when you stay committed. When you join the program, we become a team. We will do our part in the treatment room, and if you do your part at home, you will have great success. Please be prepared to commit to the following:

  • Follow your home care exactly as instructed. 

  • Follow guidelines for avoiding acne-causing ingredients. 

  • Follow rules regarding foods to avoid and foods to eat. 

  • Keep your scheduled appointments.  

  • Communicate any issues or concerns immediately.

  • Don't give up. You didn't develop acne overnight and it won't clear completely overnight. Be patient and trust the process. It will be well worth the wait.

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We'll have your skin under control in about 12 weeks.

Just imagine, in as little as 12 weeks, you could be telling a completely different skin story. From feeling ashamed and embarrassed to feeling confident and empowered. If you have tried everything from prescription topicals and oral antibiotics, to birth control and Accutane with little to no success, let us help you get clear with a program that really works. 

Program Cost: $597*

or two payments of $299


Once you have selected your pricing plan, please BOOK AN APPOINTMENT

for your initial consultation and skin assessment.  

*Program cost includes your initial set of acne-clearing products. Please understand, we will adjust your homecare and change how you're using your products at each session to keep challenging the skin and staying ahead of the acne. We will also, at some point during the program, introduce a new product or two as part of the clearing process. These products are not included in the program cost.


After completing the 12 week program, we will recommend a maintenance program to help you STAY CLEAR. Remember, acne cannot be cured, it can only be managed. The key to staying clear, is to continue using your products and getting professional treatments on a regular basis.